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Govt. School Adoption Programme

Our biggest show of responsibility to the local community is seen in our partnership with the Government with their School Adoption Program through which we have adopted the nearest Govt. schools to Evolve Back's resorts at Coorg, Kabini and Hampi.


The Trust provides much-needed material, infrastructure, nutritional supplements, teaching support and scholarships to the adopted government schools in our neighborhoods. These interventions have served significantly in improving school attendance. We consider this as one of our most valuable ‘investments’ to date., a fact we take enormous pride in, for people are a nation’s ultimate resource!


The first agreement with the authorities under the state school adoption program was signed in 2009. Improvements made in adopted schools are:


  • Full-time dedicated teachers on Trust payroll for computer Science

  • Full-time dedicated teacher on Trust payroll for English language

  • Upgradation of school building infrastructure

  • Upgradation of classroom furniture

  • Construction of separate girls and boys toilets

  • Setting up of a school library

  • Setting up of a Computer lab with UPS and internet connection

  • A state-of-the-art English language learning program (through a novel phonics methodology designed by Hippocampus-an education start-up ) to improve the reading and spoken language skills

  • Conversion of the govt. school at Coorg to an English Medium School based on support from the Trust.

  • Introduced annual school picnic subsidised by the Trust

  • Introduced annual educational visits to a museum, zoo or place of natural interest (waterfalls, forests etc).

  • Fully funded school uniforms, bags and shoes

  •  Fully funded supply of note books and stationery kits.

  • for 5 students each year leaving class 7 with a min of 60% marks.




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Govt. School Adoption Programme


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